Uylee’s Boutique – Sample Items For Sale

We thought we would share a few items currently for sale in our Online Boutique.  At any time, you may feel free to browse our Boutique website at, or you may browse  Both sites sale the exact same items. We offer International Shipping on all of our Men’s Coordinated Tie Sets.  Our Men’s Coordinated tie sets all include a silk tie, cuff links and a pocket square for only $14.99!

Evan-Picone Dress, Size 8


Notations Brand Retro Inspired Dress, Size Large


Lace Sleeved Dress, Sizes 4 – 16

Silk Tie Set, Brown & Silver Swirls


Silk Tie Set – Black & Silver Square Silver


Pashmina Plaid Infinity Scarf



Pashmina and Silk Paisley


Feel free to browse our sites for additional items, prices and photos.


Until next time…….


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